Nestoras & Marieta pre wedding video (& bloopers)

pre wedding video

Project Description

So this is the pre wedding video from yesterday’s wedding (4-2-2018).

Nestoras is a dear friend from the army. Marieta is my cousin’s friend. And as expected in the wedding videography business, all acquaintances are via word of mouth. Even from our first meeting together we bonded as a team, shared the same interests and enjoyed the ideas suggested. It was an OnFilm couple for sure, that’s all I can say. From our second meeting, we decided to do a directed pre wedding video for their wedding reception, which would combine the story of how the couple had met with comedy. So we presented the said video with a humorous approach at their wedding reception, while we and the newlyweds were sitting outside the hall, listening to the guests laughing with the footage. Especially with the bloopers; which as you will see, they have been incorporated-along with some censor beeps-to the video that you can now enjoy yourselves.