Macedonia “On the shores of 6 lakes” -a riding story-

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Project Description

On behalf of Earth Explorer a big “thank you” to everyone who contributed to this trip’s excellent execution, “Macedonia – On the shores of 6 lakes”. In particular, the local regulators of: Leptokaria tolls, Katerini’s highway patrol (Commader Dimitris Tsaousidis), Ptolemaida highway patrol (Commander Panagiotis Avramidis), local regulators and mayor of Ptolemaida Savvas Zamanidis, Kastoria’s highway patrol.
(Kastoria, Ptolemaida and Platamonas)
Motorcycle Association of Ptolemaida, Moto travellers Imathias – Larissa Motoriders – Varadero club hellas – T-motoriders – Rider’s Club Hellas – Gs – Xt Salonica Club – Africa twin Club – Molet Trikalon – Club Filma – Poorenger46+
Technical Support: Moto factory (Vasilis Garnaras) and Sk motorium manager Stelios Kazaklis).
Communication Sponsor: Moto-motomag
Namely for their help:
Giannis Nakos
Christos Lupas
Giorgos Papadopoulos
MIhalis Mpouras
Kostas Gigi*
Giannis Arvanitis
Aggelos Glastras
Giannis Pisanidis
Christos Karagiorgos
Vagelis Liolios
Nikolaos Prapas
Sponsors: Creperie Boem Ptolemaida, Bulli’s cafe,Hotel Tsamis Kastoria, Hotel Byzantium Kastoria, Hotel Anastasiou Kastoria, Hotel Morpheas Platamonas, Hotel Dias Platamonas, Hotel Centrale Platamonas, Guest House Haris Platamonas
The team from Trikala Moto Giafka:
1)Sotiris Zaharopoulos
2)Agelos Karananas
3)Vasilis Theodorous
4)Vagelis Georgakis
We also had the opportunity to co-travel with Kosta Goula. The oldest motorcycle rider that participated in the trip!
OnFilm (x Shoot & Edit) will from now on be the official sponsor in Earth Explorer’s trips.
A big thank you to Photo Zoom for their aerial and personal shots: Dimitri Skoupra and Niko Prapa.